Grades 6-9

Middle School at Williams is a special time.

In the classroom, students are met with a “prep-for-prep” curriculum, equipping them with the skills and content knowledge to succeed in our rigorous Upper School program. In addition to tackling core subjects, Middle School students experience several enrichment subjects that expose them to both the visual and performing arts, physical and social-emotional education, and research and technology.

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The Middle School Experience

Guidance & Support

Williams students are given an inordinate amount of guidance and support from their teachers and faculty advisor. Uniquely, each student in the Middle School is paired with an Upper School student mentor, who takes time to ensure that they get involved and understand Williams’ traditions, community, and core values. All students in the Middle School participate in a structured Ninth Period, which offers them the opportunity to work independently, in small groups, or spend valued time with their teachers for extra help.

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The Middle School Experience

Athletics & Arts

Middle School students are offered a plethora of arts and athletic opportunities. Athletics at Williams allows students, regardless of ability, to be part of the team. Whether developing a new skill or preparing to play at the Varsity level, there is a place for students to play. In the arts, the annual Middle School Production involves all students through the enrichment program, whether they are on stage or behind the scenes. They are also invited to audition or assist with the production of Upper School productions and many are coached by Upper Schoolers as they develop their skills and talents.

AthleticsThe Arts
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The Middle School Experience

Upper School Integration

The Middle School is well-integrated with the Upper School, while also providing age-appropriate programming like assemblies, guest speakers, and many social activities.

Meet the Dean

Carrie Alessio holding a slinky and smiling

Carrie Alessio

Middle School Dean

Carrie Alessio was appointed as Williams’ Middle School Dean in Fall 2019.

A member of the Science Department, she teaches Earth & Environment and Physical Science and leads 8th graders through their “Be the Change” capstone projects. Carrie attended the University of Rhode Island where she studied Secondary Education and Biology. Her favorite part about working with middle schoolers is their great sense of humor. “They make me laugh every day and every day is different,” states Carrie. “I am also so impressed every year with how the 8th grade students choose to give back to their local communities for their Capstone projects. They keep me on my toes and I love it!”

How to Learn


The Middle School curriculum focuses on teaching students how to learn, as they prepare for a more rigorous college prep curriculum. While content is important, Williams’ engaging classrooms and teachers help students grasp subject matter while building their interests and passions. Students are placed in Math and Language courses based on ability not by grade. Students may be in classes with students in other grades, but all learn at the appropriate level.

In the 8th grade, students participate in the “Be the Change” capstone project, where each student spends time researching and volunteering for a local non-profit organization and then presents their experience to peers and families during a celebration each spring. At the end of the school year, 8th graders are celebrated at a Moving Up Ceremony, as they advance to the Upper School. A special citation is read for each 8th grade graduate about their personal achievements in the Middle School to commemorate this notable progression.

Middle School Subjects

Classes & Courses

6th Grade

  • Enrichment
  • English 6
  • Local History
  • Intro to Modern Language
  • Intro to Classical Languages
  • Earth & Environment
  • Transition Math
  • 6 for Sixth (Learning & Organization Skills Course)

7th Grade

  • Enrichment
  • English 7
  • American History
  • Spanish 7 or Spanish I
  • Latin 7 or Latin I
  • Life Science
  • Pre-Algebra or Algebra I

8th Grade

  • Enrichment
  • English 8
  • Geography
  • Spanish 8, Spanish I, or Spanish II
  • Latin 8, Latin I, or Latin II
  • Physical Science
  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra, or Algebra II
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