Williams students play chess during chess club

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Clubs at Williams offer students the opportunity to build a group of like-minded students to come together around a topic, interest, or hobby to enrich their lives at school.

Our Most Popular Clubs


Student Ambassadors welcome prospective students to campus for tours, host day visits, and serve as a point of contact for students going through the admissions process. In addition to their outreach efforts, Upper School Ambassadors may serve as Mentors to Middle School students giving younger students a guide to life at Williams and role model to inspire them.


Chess Club allows students to connect and compete in one of the world’s oldest board games. Chess encourages students to think strategically, and learn patterns and sequences to best their opponents.

Classics Club

Classics Club gives students the opportunity to explore beyond their Latin and Greek language education to delve into the culture of the ancient world. A favorite annual event is the “Latin Luncheon” where students bring in traditional ancient foods, don togas, and olive branch wreaths, and enjoy taking a step back into history!

Harvard Model Congress

Students interested in government and politics are encouraged to get involved in Harvard Model Congress. This group prepares for the annual Model Congress in Boston (usually in late February) through short meetings during the school day to enrich their studies in American History, Modern World History, Global Issues, and more. In 2020, Jackson Meisner ’21 won Honorable Mention in the Presidential Cabinet.


Williams’ Yearbook, Legenda, has a 100-year history and Students enjoy carrying on traditions in the annual publication. Each year editors and contributors work hard to create superlatives, senior caricatures, and a special faculty dedication that surprises and delights an adult in our community each year.

Ni Hao — Chinese Language & Culture

Offering a space for international students from China and American students to connect learning Chinese language and enriching experience with Chinese culture.


Opus was founded in 2020 when a group of like-minded students came together during the pandemic to create and express themselves as a group in a time when people were feeling isolated. Since then students have contributed poetry, drawings, photography, lyrics, and short stories to the publication which is printed annually in May.

2022 Opus

2021 Opus

Service Committee

Service Committee aims to make an impact on our local and global communities by putting together different fundraisers and activities to raise money and awareness for a variety of causes. Abigail Potts ’24 shares, “As a leader of service committee I have had the best time being in a club that cares so much about helping others.” In Fall 2022 Service Committee rallied the community to donate more than 500 pounds of food to be donated to the Gemma E. Moran United Way Food Center in New London. During the holiday season the club installed a “Giving Tree” in the HUB where students were encouraged to donate mittens, gloves, socks and gently used coats for the WARM Center in Pawcatuck.

Stock Market & Securities

Students interested in investing can connect and share investment ideas and strategies, and discuss current topics in trading. Using MarketWatch, students can try their hand at investing risk-free.

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  • Classics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Gardening
  • HMC
  • Legenda
  • Ni Hao
  • Math
  • Middle School Coding
  • Opus
  • PSA (Political and Social Awareness Club)
  • Speaking in Spanish
  • Stock Market & Securities

Games & Sports

  • Badminton
  • Board Games
  • Chess
  • Dodgeball
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Volleyball

Well Being

  • Ambassadors
  • GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance)
  • Service Committee
  • Yoga Club