Here For You

Support, understanding & connection.

Williams is an inclusive community where all faculty, administrators, and staff work to help students reach their full potential. When faced with social, academic, or other challenges, students have multiple adults they can turn to for support and understanding.

Each student at Williams is known as an individual, and the School works to meet their specific and unique needs. Students appreciate the value of being themselves.

Teacher working with a student one on one

Faculty Advisors

Each student is part of a Faculty Advisor group of no more than eight students. A student’s advisor is their first point of contact when they are looking for guidance or support. Advisor groups meet weekly to check-in and Faculty is available each day during Ninth Period — a university-style office hours — where students can touch base for additional support or to enrich their learning.

Meet Our Faculty
Two students talking in the cafeteria in front of a large window.

Peer Mentoring & Tutoring

Peer Tutors offer basic coursework support to younger students to help them with homework and assignments. Each Middle School student is paired with an Upper School Mentor who takes them under their wing to guide them through student life at Williams and connect the upper and middle schools.