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The (Early) College Experience

Taking courses at Connecticut College.

Students are able to experience a college classroom, or explore a subject before they enroll in the College or University of their choice. From 2020 – 2022 on average 25% of each senior class has taken at least one course at the College. Williams students can take courses at the College through several programs: The College Acceleration Program (for Juniors and Seniors), the longstanding New London Scholars program, or as a Special Day student (for Seniors).

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Advanced Opportunities

The College Acceleration Program

The College Acceleration Program offers students in grades 11-12 a full semester of college courses and corresponding credits. Over the course of their junior and senior years, students will take courses at Williams plus one course per semester at Connecticut College. By graduation, students successfully completing the program will gain a transcript from Connecticut College alongside their Williams diploma.

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Williams moved to the Connecticut College campus in the mid-1950.

Relocating to a new building that would better serve the needs of the college preparatory curriculum while also serving the College by allowing education students to observe and learn in a secondary school setting. Since then, students have had the opportunity to take courses at the college and also offered use of the college’s campus, chiefly the library, arboretum, greenhouse, and other spaces. The relationships established more than 75 years ago still exist today and have grown —continually strengthening the School’s connection with the College.

Students will often visit the arboretum and greenhouses during biology and environmental science courses, or view exhibitions in art galleries with humanities courses. In the Fall of 2022, Williams and Connecticut College
expanded opportunities for students to take courses at the College through the College Acceleration Program.

Full-time employees of the College receive a tuition discount as part of the School and College’s partnership. Please contact our admissions office for more information.

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  • Arboretum

    Students explore the arboretum in a variety of courses at Williams. Whether it is to learn more about environmental science or conservation through the Native Plant Collections or to simply get outside and feel the benefits of being in nature, it is a favorite spot for faculty to bring classes.

  • Shain Library

    Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to use Shain Library as an additional resource in their research for upper level courses. Students are able to take out a library card and use their material and online research resources. Faculty Members often will work with special collections librarians at the College to deepen students learning. In 2019, Ms. Moss’s Latin V (Advanced) Course visited to view a collection of ancient coins.

  • Art Galleries

    Students in Arts and Humanities courses are able to view exhibitions in the Cummings Art Galleries directly across the street from the School.

  • Tennis Courts

    Williams’ Tennis Team uses the college courts for morning practices during their spring season.