Grades 10-12

Interdisciplinary Certificate Programs offer students the opportunity to earn a certificate alongside their diploma.

These focused subject areas include engineering, environmental sustainability, global perspectives, and humanities and the arts. Over a three-year period (10th-12th grade), students engaged in a certificate program will participate in five courses within the certificate program in addition top rerequisites and graduation requirements. They will also complete a research and professional exploration component and present all their certificate work via a digital portfolio.

Students will gain new perspectives in their field of study. They will be connected with alumni and professionals to gain research experience, career exploration, and real world skills finding opportunities to turn knowledge into action.

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4 Focus Areas

Students will achieve their certificate in one of four areas:

Engineering, Environmental Sustainability, Global Perspectives, and Humanities and the Arts. They will receive their Interdisciplinary Certificate alongside their Williams Diploma.

Students interested in applying for a certificate program must maintain appropriate academic standing. They will also uphold Scholarship, Character, and Community Standards and serve as exemplary members of the School community. Students will apply to the program with a written application and interview with faculty and administrators in the Spring of their Freshman year as they go through the course selection process.

Once accepted in to the program they must earn a grade of B- or higher in all courses within the certificate program.

Complete five courses within the certificate program in addition to prerequisites and graduation requirements. Throughout the program they will showcase their independent research and work through creation of a digital portfolio. They will explore appropriate research projects and career opportunities. These students will also regularly and passionately explore intellectual ideas on and off campus to advance and share knowledge and understanding of the greater world – within and beyond the Williams community.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can students participate in both the Interdisciplinary Certificate Program and the College Acceleration Program?

    Yes, students may apply to both programs and providing they are accepted may participate in both programs. Students are advised on their course selection with their faculty advisor and can find additional support from the College Counseling Office and the Assistant Head of School for Teaching & Learning to best inform their decision.

  • How does this program differ from other curricula?

    This program offers an opportunity for students to take more elective courses in their chosen area of focus, with new courses being introduced for the 20222023 academic year in the coming months. It also includes a research and professional experience, the development of an individual digital portfolio, and the opportunity to be guided to connect with Williams Alumni and others in their field of interest.

  • Is this program available to all students in grades 10-12?

    This program is available to those students in grades 1012 who apply and are admitted to participate before the start of their sophomore year.

  • What value do interdisciplinary certificates provide for students?

    Interdisciplinary Certificates provide students more opportunities to take elective courses in their chosen area of focus as well as provide opportunities for engagement in the School and local communities at a leadership level. Not only does this program offer students a competitive edge on their college applications and resume but it allows students a deeper insight to prospective majors and areas of study that may be a useful guide throughout the college application process.

  • What courses are offered as part of this program?

    Alongside the traditional academic coursework for each program, three trimester courses each year will be offered that enhance and enrich the students learning through a thematic approach. Full course descriptions will be provided in the coming months.

  • Is there an additional cost to participate in the Interdisciplinary Certificate program?

    No, this program is included in the Williams tuition outlined in each student’s annual enrollment contract.