Reaching new heights.

Williams Administration and Trustees adopted the Strategic Plan for Williams in 2019 to guide the School’s priorities, initiatives, and overall growth. Key Components are outlined below as the School continues to refer to and refine the Strategic Plan.

Component 01


To foster the intellectual, moral, creative, and physical development of students in preparation for college, lifelong learning, and active participation in an evolving world.

Head of School greets student arriving on campus

Component 02

Strategic Vision

The Williams School is a leader in teaching and learning by maximizing the highest individual expression of Scholarship, Character, and Community. Students collaborate with highly skilled and caring teachers who mentor them in a safe, innovative, and inclusive learning community. Williams scholars build self-awareness and become active citizens and lifelong learners in a diverse, interdependent, and technology-driven world. They forge a passion for exploration, the fortitude to take risks, and the practice of stewardship in all aspects of life.

Component 03

Core Values


Academic excellence, inspiring curiosity, creativity and lifelong learning through innovative, engaging, and energized teaching.


Cultivation of integrity, courage, and citizenship. Developing balanced, meaningful, and mindful individuality.


Safe, inclusive, and compassionate culture, instilling strong citizenship, empathy, and respect for oneself and others.

Students sitting in chairs clapping

Component 04

Strategic Areas of Influence

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Enrollment and Communications
  • Financial Sustainability