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2022-2023 Annual Fund Goal: $400,000

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Emily Sollars Kindberg

Class of 2008

My experience at Williams played such an important role in my development both academically and personally.

The support from the teachers, coaches, and administrators was incredible and made such a difference for me and for my classmates as well. Going to Williams allowed me to find my interests within the varied curriculum–through academics, arts, and athletics. There really is a place at Williams for every type of student and I think that benefits the entire school. I felt very prepared for college after I graduated from Williams and life afterwards, and I attribute a lot of that confidence to my time at Williams. I am so grateful for my experience at the School, and that is why I donate. I want to help ensure other students get the same education and opportunities that I had.

Questions? We have answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I give?

    Every gift, no matter what size, makes a difference to Williams. Your gift helps build a robust learning environment in the classroom and beyond that advances the Williams mission. All students, faculty, and staff benefit from Williams Annual Fund because it offers us flexibility to respond quickly to operational needs small and large as they arise.

  • When do I donate?

    Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30, and gifts go to work in the next fiscal year. Gifts contributed early help build momentum, inspiring others to contribute.

  • How is the Annual Fund used?

    Williams Annual Fund contributions go toward supporting the programs and activities central to a Williams education. These include programs such as faculty professional development, athletics, technology, financial aid, and performing and fine arts.

    Contributing to the Annual Fund goes directly to big and small initiatives each year that deliver exceptional opportunities for students to learn, staff to perform, and alumni to succeed.

  • How much should I give?

    Your gift, of any amount, is deeply appreciated and very important. We ask you to consider giving as generously as you are able, but whatever the amount, it is your participation that Williams values the most.

  • How is a gift to the Annual Fund different from a capital or endowment gift?

    A gift to the Annual Fund is put to work immediately, providing funding and support to programs and enhancements in the following fiscal year. A capital gift is typically a major gift that goes toward specific building projects or multi-year capital projects. A gift to endowment provides for long-term investments, creating a reliable source of future income for the school.

  • Can I give to a restricted fund?

    If you have an interest in making a restricted gift to capital, endowment, or specific program, please contact Brian Mezzi for more information.

    Email Brian

  • What are the tax benefits of giving?

    All gifts to Williams are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Gifts of stock and other appreciated assets may offer additional tax benefits.

  • How will I be recognized?

    Every gift to the Annual Fund counts and is recognized. All gifts are gratefully welcomed and acknowledged in Williams Report of Giving.

    View the Reports

  • Why is 100% participation from parents so crucial?

    100% participation is a vote of confidence — a sign that our current parent community is committed to our students, faculty and to the mission. High Annual Fund participation is a benchmark used by foundations and outside funders when deciding whether or not to provide us with additional funding.

  • Why should I increase my gift?

    Each year, even with the most prudent spending, annual operating expenses increase. Faculty salaries and benefits must remain competitive, the physical plant must remain up to date, and program support strong. Increasing your support will help Williams continue to meet its basic needs using today’s dollars.

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Can’t give today? Show your commitment to Williams this year by making a pledge now to pay at a time that is most convenient for you. Pledges to Williams can be one-time or be paid over three to five years.

We will be happy to remind you when your pledge is due. All pledges are due in full by June 30th.